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      Graduate workstation application consummation

      Jiangsu Lianlian Chemical Co.,Ltd and University of Science and Technology Beijing jointly declare the establishment of graduate workstation in Jiangsu province.After the expert review of Guanyun county science and Technology Bureau , selection of online publicity and the provincial science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of education review, recently received approval, this is certainly a highly chemical research and work, it is a spur to the company to do the work of the future development of talent.

      Jiangsu Lianlian chemical has been established for 21 years, and all work is steadily advancing and has made considerable progress. The leaders and staff of the company are conscientious and conscientious in doing every job and do well in every product in time.


      In 2007, the company's R & D center was established. The company overcame the difficulties faced by the few R & D personnel and various aspects, and studied the chemical products in depth. The application of this graduate workstation can be completed successfully, and the efforts and hard work of the chairman Lian Jiasong and R & D center scientific research personnel are inseparable.


      Our company is one of the few to declare the success of enterprises in Guanyun county .

      We will do research together with University of Science and Technology Beijing in the future.

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