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      Current location:Course

      In 1995
      Senior Engineer Lian Jiasong resigned from his pubic job and established Zhe jiang Ultrafine Powder & Chemical Co., Ltd (LianLian Chemical predecessor )

      In 1999
      Successfully registered "UP&C" brand in China

      In 2006 
      Lianyungang Lian Lian Chemical Co., Ltd. was established.

      In 2006
      The nitroso-free, safety and environmentally friendly rubber accelerator TBzTD and ZBEC were first developed and put into production in China 

      In 2007
      Lianlian Chemical was elected as the vice chairman company in the China Rubber Industry Association Auxiliary Professional Committee

      In 2008
      Lianlian Chemical was awarded as a national high-tech enterprise by Ministry of Science and Technology

      In 2011
      Lianlian Chemical participated in the drafting of China's rubber accelerator industry standards, implementation of vulcanization accelerator TBzTD industry standards

      In 2012
      Lianlian Chemical participated in the drafting of China's rubber auxiliaries industry standards, the implementation of vulcanization accelerators TETD, ZDMC, DTDM industry standards

      In 2012
      Successfully registered two trademarks “UP&C” and “LIANLIAN” in the United States and the European Union 

      In 2012
      Completed the Zhejiang Province fifteenth major scientific and technological project “Study on the production technology of high-purity nano-alumina for energy-saving lamps prepared by sol-gel method”

      In 2013
      Completed the 11th Five-year plan of national major science and technology support project of the Ministry of Science and Technology” Rubber accelerator cleaning process-10,000 tons of high polymer carrier pre-dispersed rubber accelerator demonstration production line” meeting acceptance.

      In 2014
      Jiangsu lianlian chemical co., LTD. is officially listed in the national small and medium enterprise share transfer system (new third edition).

      In 2016
      Our company was recognized by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department as a provincial R&D institution and a postgraduate workstation enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

      In 2017
      Lianlian rubber accelerator were awarded famous brand products in Jiangsu Province.

      In 2018
      Lianlian Chemical holding Zhejiang Aitek material Co., Ltd was registered in the National High-tech Zone, Ningbo, special making high purity nano-alumina.

      In 2019
      Jiangsu Lianlian Chemical Co., and Henan Liyuan Gas group cooperated o establish Henan Lianlian Liyuan New Material Co., Ltd, within annual output of 130,000 tons of environmental friendly rubber accelerator.

      My status
      My status